Episode 01:
The Growth Paradox

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Growth is probably the single most important attribute a business can have. Data shows that when businesses grow, unit costs fall, profitability improves, employee morale is better, share price appreciates – and CEO tenure is demonstrably longer!

As McKinsey said in 2015: ‘Growth Is Magic!’

But here’s the Paradox:

“Even in the best of times our analysis shows that 9 out of 10 management teams fail to grow their companies profitably”

Bain and Co (2013)

It’s a paradoxical truth that despite the overwhelming importance of growth to a business’ medium/long-term success, most companies (90% according to Bain) fail to sustain profitable growth for any meaningful period.

So – why does The Growth Paradox exist?

‘The Growth Director’s Secret’ recently published by Bloomsbury examines this question and identifies 3 key reasons for the existence of The Growth Paradox:

Most companies don’t take growth seriously.

After all – why is it that only 4% of businesses have a ‘Growth Director’ on their senior team?

Almost all companies make the same Big Growth Mistake.

A fundamental misunderstanding about how consumers choose between brands and make purchase decisions.

Conventional research tools simply don’t work.

It’s no wonder that so many companies’ highly-researched commercial plans simply fail to deliver growth.

Each of these pose significant challenges to conventional business thinking and each is examined in some detail in the pages of ‘The Growth Director’s Secret’. The book goes on to reveal how new understanding of how our brains work and how we decide which brands to buy is driving radical new approaches to the task of positioning companies for growth, and how the very best businesses are beginning to utilise these learnings to out-grow their competitors.

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Who knows – you might just discover The Growth Director’s Secret!

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